Fraction Calculator using VB6

fraction-calculator-vb6Hello everyone! I’m back with a new program using Visual Basic 6, and it’s called Fraction Calculator. It is a simple project made by me during my OS subject. This program can calculate fraction numbers and reduce them to lowest terms. I would like to share this program for those who might need it–you can download it here.

Note: This is a fraction calculator–meaning the only function that is able to do is to calculate fraction numbers and not whole numbers. In this program, I’m using backslash as the fraction slash.


One thought on “Fraction Calculator using VB6

  1. Hello, ahmmm i tried to open the link to download the Program code of your Fraction Calculator, but it shows “nothing here” in …. i just wanna ask if can i ask your codes of ur Program, i just wanna see how to do a fraction Calculator coz we also have to do a Calculator that will read a fraction in our OS Subject …. hope its ok

    if possible, can i ask it? hope u dont mind, my email address is ….
    i just wanted to know how to build a fraction & then expound it into mixed fraction …. God Bless 🙂

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