How to Change the Logon Screen in Windows OS

In this tutorial, I will be teaching you how you can change the logon screen in Windows 7, Windows Vista and in Windows XP without any complicated steps. We will use a good and powerful program called LogonStudio from Stardock Corporation. Don’t worry, this is totally free application.

LogonStudio is a free program that allows us to change the logon screens of Windows 7, Vista and XP. Here’s a sample look of a Logon screen using LogonStudio.

Download LogonStudio here.

Note: In the download page, you will be prompt to enter a valid email address. Please create if you don’t have one. They will send the download link of LogonStudio in your email address.

For now, let’s assume that you have successfully downloaded the app. We will now proceed to the installation.


  1. Open the Setup Application that you have downloaded.
  2. Click Run button.LogonStudio_setup
  3. Select Agree and then click Next button to continue.LogonStudio_agree
  4. Select the location where you want to install the application, and press Next button.LogonStudio_location
  5. After that, wait for the setup to finish installing and we’re done!LogonStudio_finish

Below is the look of LogonStudio. It comes with several logon screens that you can choose from. If you’re not satisfied, you can also download lots of cool logon screens in to fully customize your PC. To use LogonStudio, just simply select the logon screen you like and press the Apply button. Easy!LogonStudio


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