How to Change the Start Orb in Windows 7

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to change the default Start orb in Windows 7. Yes! You can change it using an application called W7SBC. You can download it here. It works well from Windows 7 Starter and to the latest version of Windows 7. As a matter of fact, I am running Windows 7 Starter, and it totally rocks!

Before installation, it is very advisable to create a System Restore point so that if anything goes wrong, we can still restore back our system. If you don’t know yet about System Restore, you can check my other tutorial here. Now, if you already created a System Restore point, you can now safely run W7SBC.

Note: Creating a System Restore point is just a preventive measure. It is not required but if you would like to install any application from the internet, it is a good practice to create a System Restore point first.


  1. Download W7SBC with the link above.
  2. The downloaded file should be a .ZIP file. You can extract it using WinRAR. If you don’t have WinRAR, just simply read this tutorial for more information about this app. Right-click the .ZIP file and click Extract menu downloads
  3. Find the file named Windows 7 Start Button Changer v 2.6 and right-click it. It is advisable to run it as an administrator. So, click Run as menu downloads
  4. Now, a small box should appear just like menu downloads
  5. Just click Select & Change Start Button then find the folder named 10 Sample Orbs. Select the orb you like and press Open and we’re menu downloads

If you experience something bad you can use the System Restore point that you created earlier before this tutorial.

Here’s the look of my Start Orb right now. I downloaded the Orb in You can find a lot of things there. Just search Start Orb and download all the orbs that you like. Put it on the folder 10 Sample Orbs to organize your menu downloads

Tip: If you want to change from another orb to another, always use Restore Original Explorer Backup then click Select & Change Start Button to avoid problems.

Did you the see the look of my Desktop? Pretty, eh? I am just running Windows 7 Starter–the very basic edition of Windows 7. If you are not convinced, then you can watch this video. If you are interested on how did I do that, please stay tuned for more tutorials. I will be posting a lot here.


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