How to Recover Files from a Corrupted Flash Disk

Pretec i-Disk Wave USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Pretec i-Disk Wave USB 2.0 Flash Drive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is just a simple recovery step for recovering files from a corrupted flash drive. You don’t need to have any special tools or programs to do it. All you need to have is your computer.


1. Insert your flash disk to the USB port of your computer, and wait for it to load.

2. Now, go to the Start menu and click Computer. It should be like this.

Start menu > Computer

3. Find your flash disk, and right-click it then. In the example, FLASH DRIVE.


4. Click Properties and a dialog box will appear.

Properties > Dialog box

5. Click Tools tab and find Error-checking.

Tools > Error-checking

6. Click the Check now button and a small dialog box will appear.

Check now

7. Check Automatically fix file system errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors. After that, click Start.

8. Wait for the process to finish and your done!

Congrats yourself for a very successful recovery of your files. Note: If not successful, the corruption might be caused by a virus, worms or malware. Try scanning your flash disk with an Anti-Virus program.


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