How to use ISO Files

ISO fileISO Image is actually an archive file. Some call it Disk Image or simply just an ISO file. To use these files, you need to burn and run them in a disc and certainly you need to have a CD-ROM for that to happen in order for you to access any files or programs in that particular ISO file.

In this post, you don’t need to have a burner and a CD-ROM for accessing ISO files. You can actually use the all-time favorite File ArchiverWinRAR. Yes, WinRAR. If you have no WinRAR yet, you can download it here for free and install it.


1. Open WinRAR.

Open WinRAR

2. Click File > Open Archive

Click File > Open Archive

3. Browse for the ISO file you need to access.

Browse for ISO file

4. Click that file and click Open. Congratulations! You’ve made it!

Very simple, isn’t? You can now access all the files or run programs from that ISO file without burning it to a CD-ROM.


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